How To Prepare Your Daughter for Pageants.

How To Prepare Your Daughter for Pageants.

Getting your daughter ready for her first pageant requires planning. There are a lot of elements that go into creating a pageant winner, and getting your family prepared is an important step in the process.

1. Start Small
If you want to start your daughter in pageants, start with local events that are held in smaller venues. These smaller pageants are a great way for her to get her start and to get used to being on stage. Judges are often a bit more lax on the requirements for local pageants, so it is a good chance to get in some good practice before moving on to larger state and national pageants. 

2. Dress Age Appropriate
For girls under the age of 12, a pretty dress with coordinating shoes and socks is enough to wow the judges and give your daughter a leg up on the competition. Even glitz pageants allow girls to compete in simple dresses. 

There are great styles available, like those from Mac Duggal Couture. Choose a dress that complements your daughter's personality and skin tone. There are great accessories that you can pair with your dress to make her shine even more. Older girls over the age of 12 will want to go with a formal gown in a festive color that is age appropriate. Steer clear of low cut dresses or ones with high slits. 

3. Check the Rules
Some pageants have rules about whether girls can wear makeup and other enhancements during the event. Check to see if this pageant allows hair extensions, false eyelashes, makeup and flippers. If it is a glitz pageant, check to see the age limits for makeup. Some pageants require that girls under a certain age go natural, even in glitz events. 

4. Hair Styling
One of the most important elements of your pageant wear is your hairstyle. Little girls look best in spiral curls and ponytails with bows and barrettes. Older girls can wear their hair hanging loosely or pulled up into a tight bun. Your hairstyle should not distract from your natural beauty and should enhance your face. Try not to overdo it with hair extensions and pieces that will simply make her look older than her age. 

When it comes to getting your daughter ready for pageants, the key is to bring out her natural beauty while still allowing her glamour to shine through. Find the right outfits for your pageant girl today.

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