Fab Finds: Makeup As Younique As You.

Fab Finds: Makeup As 'Younique' As You.

Finding the right beauty products and makeup for your skin tone, and skin type can be a daunting task. Between the myriad of new beauty and cosmetic brands continuously popping up on the scene and giant cosmetic brands that have saturated the beauty industry with over-priced products that fail to deliver on their packaged promises, we are spending more and more time in the beauty aisles trying to find the right makeup.

That's why it's always an amazing feeling when you find a beauty product  that immediately stands out and sets itself apart from the rest. Not just with the packaging but when the colors are spectacular, the textures are smooth to the touch and especially when the prices are far less than expected.


Plus there is always the added bonus of discovering a beauty brand that cares about the quality of their products how it affects your skin (natural and  chemical free), how their products are tested (cruelty free) and how the sale of their products can benefit and empower women to be confident, driven and successful!

Our latest Fab Find will introduce you to makeup that's as unique as you, so you will 'look, feel and be beautiful inside and out!' Step into the VIPretty Lounge to discover their Younique makeup products and collections...

1. The Healing Properties Of Rose Water:
Aside from using makeup products to enhance your natural beauty we strongly believe in taking good care of your skin. That's why one of our favorite Younique beauty products is the Refreshed Pure and Natural Rose Water. The benefits of pure rose water on the skin has been touted for hundreds of years across many cultures.

Younique Refreshed Pure and Natural Rose Water

Aside from the amazing smell of sweet roses, it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties makes it an all-natural way to treat acne, reduce redness, under eye circles and early signs of aging, all while moisturizing the  skin. It is even used to treat skin irritations such as bug bites and sun burn. Simply spritz on rose water during your daily facial cleansing routine or gently apply like a toner with a cotton swab.

2. 3D Effect Lashes:
We've never been fans of faux, or mink lashes whether applied individually or as a set the thought of gluing anything on to your delicate lashes and continuing to do so for a prolonged period of time will always result in disaster (a.k.a plucked lashes, gaps in your lashes, lashes failing to re-grow, thinned out lashes etc.)
Which is why the obvious next choice for our favorite Younique beauty product is their 'bestselling product' the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara. It combines transplanting gel and natural fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes and it really works!
Younique's 3D Mascara (left) vs regular mascara application (right)

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara
3. Not Your Average Mineral Foundation:
Younique's cream and pressed powder foundations will give your skin that beautiful enhanced coverage and soft-to-the-touch feel without the caked on, drag-queen makeup look. If you prefer the natural, no-makeup, makeup look but can't find the right foundations and creams for an effortless application then Younique's supple and lightweight products are just what you need.
4. More Chemical-Free Younique Beauty Products We Love:
When applying makeup not just on the skin but in close proximity to our eyes it's always wise to ensure that the products used are 100% natural, chemical-free and are real mineral-based pigment powders.  That are free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and most importantly contains no parabens! With Younique's mineral blushers you can wear the stunning makeup that you love with the peace of mind that it does not cost you your health.

Moodstruck Minerals Blusher

5. Perfect Pout:
Keep your lips moisturized and snap those pretty selfies with perfectly pouted lips in lavish pink, lethal red, loveable pale pink, or one of Younique's more neutral Lucrative Lip Gloss shades that are perfect for Fall!
Lucrative Lip Gloss
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Tell us which Younique beauty product you can't wait to try. Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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