15 Delicious Red, White And Blue Patriotic Desserts.

15 Delicious Red, White And Blue Patriotic Desserts.

The 4th of July long weekend is here and we have rounded up some amazing and positively delicious appetizers and desserts with a healthy and patriotic twist to serve up to your guests as you celebrate Independence Day!

Read on to see all the yummy goodness from USA flag fruit-kabobs to tantalizing chocolate covered red, white and blue strawberries to scrumptious cakes, cupcakes and pies all in that gorgeous red, white and blue theme... Have a Safe & Happy Independence Day!

Fruit Salads:

Strawberry, blueberry and apple and salsa.

Strawberry, banana and blue berry fruit kabobs.

Watermelon, apple and bueberry fruit pops cut in the shape of a star.

Cakes, Cupcakes & Pies:
Custard pie decorated with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Cupcakes decorated wit white frosting, red and blue cupcake sprinkles and topped with edible swirls to represent fireworks.

Red, white and blue cheese cake topped with whip-cream and raspberries.

Strawberry Desserts:
White chocolate covered strawberries with blue sugar crystals and red, white and blue cupcake sprinkles.

White chocolate covered strawberries with blue icing lines.

Cream filled strawberries topped with blueberries.

Cookies & Scones:
Patriotic star shaped cookies

Cookies decorated with red and blue sugar crystals and white cookie icing swirls.

Blue macarons with whip cream, raspberries and shaved chocolate.

Cheesecakes & Trifles:
Mini cheese cake shots

Cheese cake trifles.

Whip cream and fruit trifle.

Which delicious 4th of July appetizer or dessert will you try? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Looks pretty and delicious.

  2. Damn, I want one!

  3. These mini red white and blue 4th of July cheesecakes make the perfect holiday dessert!

  4. look very beautiful.......


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