Most Loved Videos Of The Week.

Most Loved Videos Of The Week.

Thousands of new videos are uploaded to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more social media sites every day with everyone hoping that their video will be the next big hit or that they we will become the next break-out star to be discovered (like Justin Bieber).

Every now and then a few videos really do garner over one million hits, whether it's for their talent, humor or something more. This week we are sharing some of our most loved videos with you. Get ready for an adorable moment, a powerful inspiration, a tear-jerker, a good laugh and don't forget to put on your dancing shoes!

1. Kids say and sing the 'darndest things'.
This young boy who appeared on Ellen is hilariously and adorably cute, we simply had to share!

2. Incredible talent and a powerful life lesson.
This will blow your mind! The beginning requires patience and then it turns you into a nervous wreck but by the end you are so entranced. Once it's over you realize you just learned one of life's biggest and most important lessons from performer Miyoko Shida. That sometimes the small things that seem insignificant are the glue that holds it all together in this gigantic but fragile world.

3. Sam Smith "How Will I Know" rendition.
An amazing and heart wrenching rendition of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" by Sam Smith. This one's a tearjerker but his voice is incredibly soothing!

4. The Struggles of walking in high heels.
Ready for a good laugh? This video will do just that!

5. Stuart Edge 'Michael Jackson dance prank'.
Remember that guy on your daily work commute who seems lost in his own world and rather crazy dancing and rhyming to whatever's playing on his headphones? Guess what he's not that crazy after all, it's just that good!

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Which featured video do you love and what was your ? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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