Expert Tips For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off.

Expert Tips For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off.

With spring finally here and summer just around the corner, we are taking a closer look at our bodies and ways to get in shape and become fit and what better way to kick start our summer fitness goals than with advice from the experts.

Today we are 'In The Interview Chair' with Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Amanda K Foti as she shares the best tips for dieting, weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Amanda is a graduate of New York University (NYU) where she obtained her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics. She is currently a Nutrition Coach for Selvera, personalized weight management.

Read on for the full interview as Amanda discusses why so many people experience only temporary success with weight loss, the best dieting and weight loss techniques, tips for getting in shape in time for summer and her recommended tips for a healthier lifestyle and weight management. In other words she's sharing how to lose weight and keep it off! Plus see how you can get a free consultation to analyze your unique needs and formulate a personal weight management strategy that's right for you.

What is the number one reason that many people experience only temporary success with weight loss.

Today it is more common to be overweight, struggling with weight than to be at a steady healthy weight. Given all the available weight loss products and programs out there this may come as a shock to many, but not to me as a dietitian.

Unfortunately many available programs only offer short-term restrictive diet plans to drop the weight fast but offer no solution for post-program weight maintenance. If there is nothing addressing long term habit change, the diet is likely not sustainable leading to weight regained once old eating habits resume.

There are many options when it comes to dieting and weight loss techniques. Which would you recommend?

The most successful weight loss technique is a comprehensive one that addresses nutrition, activity and habit. Your “diet” should be a lifestyle change, incorporating healthy sources of fiber, protein and fat to keep you fueled and full!

A successful diet should not be restrictive, it should allow moderation of those treat foods, and even some alcohol. Weight loss should take a slow and steady course at about 1-2 lbs/week to ensure fat mass loss as oppose to water weight or lean body mass.

What makes Selvera different from other weight loss systems?

Selvera is approaching weight loss in a way done by no other weight management program. It addresses nutrition, activity, and habit change by providing weekly one-on-one counseling with a registered dietitian, wireless tracking technology, and constant email support.

Selvera supports clients through three phases: weight loss, transition, and preservation to ensure that the weight is taken off the healthy way and stays off for years to come. With the wireless technology and counseling done over the phone, Selvera is available to fit into the busiest of schedules whether you’re at home, work, or traveling.

What advice would you give to our readers who are considering a weight loss program or strict diet to get in shape in time for summer?

Start now, and start slow. When we take on an overwhelming change we often procrastinate and/or lose motivation to continue. Start with small changes focusing on what you’re adding to your routine rather than taking away.

For example focus on what new healthy breakfasts you can look forward to (like scrambled eggs, wheat toast and avocado) rather than focusing on the foods you will be limiting. And don’t deprive yourself, a diet to lose weight does not mean you should be constantly hungry. Three healthy meals and two snacks a day is a great structure to aim for.

Are there any additional weight management and healthy lifestyle tips that you recommend?

Stay active! Take the stairs, go for a walk, household chores, park further away, all these little things add up! Keeping your muscles engaged throughout the day will keep your metabolism in burning mode.

Stay hydrated! Aim for 48-64 oz of water a day. Even at the slightest level of dehydration our bodies compensate to conserve energy slowing our metabolism and decreasing total energy expenditure.

Stay rested! Getting some quality Zzz’s help regulate different hormones that control our satiety and cravings throughout the day.

Fab Tip: You can get a free consultation with Amanda to ask any questions that you may have about your own weight management goals and receive more great tips on adapting a healthy lifestyle strategy that's personalized for your unique needs and body with no obligation to sign up. Simply call 646-448-6601 or send an email to

You can also visit to learn more about their new weight management program which  identifies the factors that impact weight loss, tailors a plan specifically for each client, establishes new, healthy living habits and intervenes to prevent weight regain.

This post brought to you by Selvera.

Have you consulted with a nutritionist/dietitian before trying out a new weight loss strategy? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Just what I was looking for... lucky for me summer took it's sweet time to come this year in NY so I may have a bit more time to tone up! Thanks Lush-Fab-Glam. See you again soon :)

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    Try starting with a weight loss of 10 percent of your current body weight over 6 months. This is the healthiest way to lose weight — and importantly — it offers the best chance of long term success.

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