Girl Talk: Do You Wear Lingerie For Him Or For You?

Girl Talk: Do You Wear Lingerie For Him Or For You?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Figleaves.
Do you wear lingerie for him or for you? I remember having this discussion with a girlfriend who was bewildered by the amount of lingerie I own. She mentioned that she rarely goes lingerie shopping and that she only wears lingerie when she's been seeing the same guy for some time and needs to spice things up or for a special occasion like celebrating their anniversary.

Once I got over my initial shock I quickly pointed out that I wear lingerie everyday and that I wear it for me! It's most definitely not taboo to wear lingerie everyday, in fact I love wearing and shopping for lingerie. The experience is just as intriguing as shopping for a new outfit and I squeal just as loud when I find a gorgeous lingerie set as I do when I see a fabulous pair of shoes that I absolutely must-have. I guess you can call me a fashionista, a shoe-holic and a lingerie-lover.

I set out to prove to her that lingerie is not something to be feared and you don't have to be consumed about whether you're in tip-top shape because you wear lingerie beneath your clothes. Beside it's certainly easier to feel comfortable in your lingerie, than wearing a swimsuit where you're seen by less than desirable characters while sunbathing poolside or at the beach. Read on for more...

Lingerie sets come in many beautiful designs, styles, colors, fabrics and sizes to suit women of all shapes and tastes, so it's rather easy to find the style that's just right for you. Sometimes I choose my lingerie to suit my mood that day. The same way colorful heels can add a spring in your step, a sweet lingerie design also has a desired effect.

I love lace lingerie for a sweet and feminine feel, bold and bright color lingerie for a burst of energy, fierce animal prints for an extra dose of vitality and a power red or solid black lingerie for those days when I'm ready to take on the world. 

Sheer and cut-outs lingerie are my go to design for a more alluring feel or a romantic night. The black Carmen bra and brief lingerie set by Figleaves Boudoir featured below is among my favorite designs. I love that it's super sheer, very sexy and comfortable with a chic twist of double layered bra cups and accentuating straps on the briefs.

Lingerie is most definitely an essential to every woman's wardrobe and the part of our clothing that's closest to our skin. So why not make what's beneath your outfit just as fabulous with the added bonus that your beau will love it too!

Find Your Perfect Lingerie:
Now that spring is here it's the perfect time to get started on your lingerie discovery. Find sets in beautiful spring colors and prints or find the perfect lingerie set for you at Browse from over 200 brands that include designer exclusives, limited edition lingerie and swimsuit styles to suit all budgets. Plus use Figleaves online fitting room and bra size calculator to ensure your choice of lingerie will be a perfect fit.

Just For You: Whether you're wearing your lingerie for him, for you or both, get 10% off your full-priced order plus free shipping by entering code LOVE10 at checkout. This offer is valid until May 1, 2014. Happy shopping and remember to wear fabulous lingerie even if no one is going to see it!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Figleaves.

It's your turn! Do you wear lingerie for him or for you and what's your favorite lingerie design? Share with us by leaving a comment below.
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  1. I used to work at Victoria's Secret so I probably have more than the average woman, but I wear it for me! My boyfriend and I are long distance so it's not like he knows what I'm wearing anyway. But knowing I'm rocking something sexy gives a little extra confidence!


  2. Ellie Rosden4/02/2014

    Both I like matching my bra and undies and my bf loves when I wear it.

  3. June Francis4/02/2014

    I should wear lingerie more often the good ones are usually pricey which is why a lot of women wait for a special occasion to wear them.

  4. Lori Chase4/04/2014

    I like lace lingerie its classy oh and I wear it for me too 😊

  5. I agree-this is important because you need to wear things for youi and no one else.
    natalie @


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