Project Runway's Tim Gunn Talks Spring Must-Haves + A Fab Giveaway.

Project Runway's Tim Gunn Talks Spring Must-Haves + A Fab Giveaway.

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to winner Shannon Lee!

Spring is in the air and we can't contain our excitement which is highly obvious from the multiple stories featuring spring style and beauty tips that we have posted recently. And to top it off, we had the most amazing weekend with the incredible Tim Gunn in NYC.

If you are one of the Tim Gunn's fans whose been impatiently waiting for more, since we shared our first few snaps on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will be happy to hear that the wait is over! Today is the day that you get the inside scoop on our rendezvous with the infamous Tim Gunn from 'Project Runway' and spinoff TV show 'Under The Gunn'.

We are still reeling over having the opportunity to meet with him to talk all things beauty, including his own personal skin care regimen and tips on must-have beauty products to look fabulous this spring. Read on to see what he shared, more great photos we snapped during the event and to enter our fabulous spring beauty giveaway!

We will start off by answering the questions we're sure are going through your minds right now.

In The Interview Chair With Tim Gunn

What He's Like:
Incredibly sweet! No aloof or stuck up celebrity here. He is easy talk to, very welcoming and friendly and the eternal gentleman. He even  helped our fellow fashion and beauty bloggers with their jackets. Thanks to Tim Gunn we can proclaim that chivalry is not dead!

His Sense Of Style:
Nothing less than you would expect from an infamous fashion consultant who was the chair for fashion and design at Parsons and who advised up and coming designers on the TV show Project Runway alongside host supermodel Heidi Klum.

Tim's sense of style is what we refer to as suave but modern, he wore a perfectly tailored, slim-fit blue and white vertical stripes suit and a white dress shirt with miniature box prints underneath. His bold red, white and blue asymmetrical striped tie added a pop of color and pizazz to his look.

Lush Fab Glam's rep Plamen N with Tim Gunn as he does his signature pose.

What He Considers His Greatest Achievement In The Fashion Industry:
We expected Tim to talk about his TV success or even his success as an author with several books under his belt but his humility surprised us once again. He said "Without question, re-positioning the fashion curriculum at Parsons {from 2000-2007} when I was chair there. It was the most difficult and daunting thing I've had to do and it's what I'm proudest of." He is clearly no stranger to hard work or challenging ones-self, take note aspiring fashion designers and consultants!

On What He Would Do Differently:
"I have to tell you not a thing and that's because everything that we do, everything that happens to us, that we cause to happen, makes us who we are. So if I were to change anything I wouldn't be sitting here with all of you." Now that's worth quoting!

His Skin Care Regimen:
Tim Gunn swears by skin creams, in fact he refers to himself as "a skin cream junky." He pointed out Olay's Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol beautifully displayed in the aisle at Walgreens as the skin cream that he uses on a daily basis.

It includes an Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30, an Eye Restoration Complex and a Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. He referred to it as "fabulous" and said "I can't imagine anyone not being happy with this product" and he wittily mentioned that it comes with a money back guarantee.

As the new brand ambassador for P&G (Procter and Gamble) Tim Gunn not only uses but is passionate about and truly believes in their products. He pointed out that "there are more PHD's at P&G than all the other Ivy league colleges combined." We can't think of a better reason to trust the science behind their products and brands.

Must-Have Beauty Products For Spring

Joined by Marsha Chilko P&G's North American Beauty Ambassador and a few of our fellow NYC fashion and beauty bloggers. Tim Gunn introduced us to and did live demonstrations of the new must-haves beauty products that are available this spring.

From Cover Girl's new true match makeup shades for all skin tones. To the new Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioners with scents like green apple, that not only gets rid of unwanted dandruff but also promotes healthy scalp and strong hair. To a whole new line of Olay Fresh Effects skin care products that include exfoliating cleansing wet cloths, hydrating gel moisturizers and more, which you can find at Walgreens.

Look Fabulous This Spring Giveaway:

We have teamed up with P&G and Walgreens to help you look fabulous this spring! Fill out the form below to enter to win a golden beauty bag filled with skin care, hair care and more amazing beauty products from Olay, Head & Shoulders, Secret, Crest and Oral B!

*For more chances to win pin the giveaway photo below with hash tag #lushfabglam and/or leave a comment below telling us which beauty product you would love to try. This contest runs from March 14-21, 2014. This contest is open to residents of the continental United States. Only one entry required per contestant. The winner will be selected at random and notified by email within 1 week of the contest end date.


Have you tried any of the beauty products featured above and which ones would you love to try? Share with us by leaving a comment below and gain an extra ballot for the giveaway!

This post is brought to you by P&G and Walgreens. All opinions are mine.
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  1. O wow what a fabulous giveaway. I would so love to win this. I would love to try the Olay cleaner wipes! You have an awesome blog. I am happy to of found you via SITS Share blog hop today!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on the giveaway!

  2. that quote is so true

  3. Lauren Stafford3/16/2014

    Please pick me, I love using fruit scented shampoos and the green apple head and shoulders sounds yummy!

  4. I would love to try the Secret Deordoant

  5. Kiera Frampton5/21/2014

    He Is such an inspiration, Great job on the interview!


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