Style Me Pretty: Feather Effect Nail Art Designs.

Style Me Pretty: Feather Effect Nail Art Designs.

Our latest nail design crush coincides with our love for soft feathers and plumes and no we are not referring to the somewhat tacky feather boas but the beautiful and eye catching feather effect nail design.

This chic design burst onto the nail art scene in Fall 2013 and is one of our fave looks for the winter and unlike many nail art designs that require some drawing skill, a nail stamp or a nail sticker. All you need is your favorite feather effect nail polish color and voila your nails are all decked out in feathers and as pretty as a sparrow! Read on to see more of our fave feather effect nail art designs.

Fab Tip: For best results apply 2 coats of your feather effect nail polish plus a clear top coat. Jazz it up by mixing your feather effect nail polish colors for a tri-color effect like the one showed in image 1 below.

Get The Look:
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What nail color or design are you currently crushing on and will you try the feather effect nail art design? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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