Transform Your Look, Enhance Your Style With JOODJ.

Transform Your Look, Enhance Your Style With JOODJ.

For fashionistas and shoe lovers all over the world, styling your outfit is fun and exciting but at times it's also tedious and annoying because we do not own an unlimited supply of new clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories  to create the exact look that we want for every occasion, not to mention the massive toll that maintaining such a lifestyle would take on our on our budget.

That is why finding fabulous ways to reuse and recycle the pieces in our closet is the secret weapon in every fashionistas arsenal and JOODJ is one of our new found ways to take that styling skill to a new level. Their unique handmade clips will transform everything from your plain black pumps to your dated clutch, to your headband, belt and more into chic and fierce, fashion-forward accessories.

JOODJ rhinestone with feathers and flower clips instantly enhance these heels.

JOODJ (pronounced juuuuj) means to 'make something or someone look more put together quickly' and that is exactly what their fabulous collections of clips, bibs and cuffs do as they easily attach to your shoes, headbands and easily double as jewelry for your wrist and neck. Why buy another pair of shoes, purse or necklace that you will rarely use when you can JOODJ!

Read on to see how we styled our favorite red heels, ankle strap pumps and sequin purse with the very classy JOODJ Yulu Onyx Lace Blow Clip transforming them from cute to glam. As well as how we styled our leopard print heels with the JOODJ Sanaa Jade Jungle  Flower Clip creating a sexy and fierce look which is perfect for a night on the town. Plus get an exclusive discount code to shop the JOODC accessories that you love!

More ways to accessorize your shoes with JOODJ Shoelery clips.

How We Styled It: 

Look 1: We transformed our pretty red pumps into sexy femme fatale heels with JOODJ Yulu Onyx Lace Bow Clip.   

Look 2: We transformed classic black ankle-strap work pumps into chic, statement heels that are perfect for a work party or a post-work night on the town with the Yulu Onyx Lace Bow Clip .

Look 3: We transformed a plain black sequin purse into a beautiful and elegant accessory by adding JOODJ Yulu Onyx Lace Bow Clip.

Look 4: We rounded off our accessory makeover by attaching the JOODJ Sanaa Jade Jungle Flower Clip to our favorite leopard print heels for an uber-fierce, stylish and very unique look.

Now you won't have to worry about spotting anyone else wearing the same thing as you because your JOODJ accessories will not only complement your personal style but enhance it! Visit to see more of their fab and very affordable accessories.

Style With A Conscience The JOODJ LifeStyle is one with a Conscience, a percentage of the proceeds generated from your purchase of any design in the ROKA, ZIZI, NGOMA collections will be donated to non-profit organizations that focus on social and gender injustices against women and girls in East Africa.

(This review is brought to you by JOODJ all opinions are 100% mine!)

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