Style Or Comfort? Why Choose When You Can Have Both.

Style Or Comfort? Why Choose When You Can Have Both.

We love shoes! We especially love everything high heeled and stilettos are our favorite, whether they are pumps, pointy toe or open toe shoes. By indulging in our love for beautiful shoes we often sacrifice our comfort and the health of our feet for style.

The height of the heels we love so much and the uncomfortable shape of those pointy toe pumps often leave us with tired, aching feet. Even worst are the painful and ugly  bumps, bruises, calluses and bunions that many women suffer from, with some having to resort to foot surgery to alleviate the pain. Read on for more...
Aside from the height of our heels, many women are stylishly strutting around in the wrong shoe size. With the emergence of online shopping and shoe retailers where our feet are no longer measured in-store to help us choose the correct size and type of shoe to fit the length/shape of our feet. We are left to our own devices and we simply assume that the same shoe size works every time regardless of the shape, brand or the material the shoe is made from.
Thankfully there are still shoe retailers like Schuler Shoes who offer and specialize in providing comfortable shoes for women, shoe sizing services and even access to on-site board certified Pedorthists for a free foot evaluation. During the evaluation the C.PED will recommend shoes and over-the counter orthotics to help with your shoe comfort and if needed recommend  a certified medical doctor for other foot pain corrective measures.

If it's been a long time since/if you have never had your foot size properly measured or had a foot evaluation done. We recommend that you visit a Schuler Shoes store location and enjoy the experience of being assisted by a knowledgeable footwear consultant and C.PED before buying your next pair of shoes. Caring for your feet now will ensure that you won't have to choose between style or comfort when you can have both!

We are guilty of choosing style over comfort, how about you? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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