Mani Monday: Sharpie Your Way To A Fabulous Manicure.

Mani Monday: Sharpie Your Way To A Fabulous Manicure.

In today's nail art gallery we are featuring 10 fabulous nail art designs that you can D.I.Y using your favorite nail polish colors and a sharpie marker! Yes your average Sharpie marker is quite often used to design the cute hearts, tribal prints, polka dots, zigzags, worded and leopard print nail arts that we feature.

Read on to see some fabulous Sharpie marker nail art ideas that you should try, plus get tips on how to make your manicure last and prevent your Sharpie manicure from smudging.

Fab Sharpie Manicures:

Our Faves:
We especially love the nail art designs created using the metallic Sharpie markers in gold, silver and bronze. They are also easier to use than the nail art brush. You can find them at your local office supplies or art and crafts store.

Fab Sharpie Mani Tips:
  1. Never apply your permanent Sharpie marker to your bare nails. For French manicures use a clear base coat.
  2. Allow your first coat to dry properly before applying your Sharpie marker.
  3. If you make a mistake while drawing your design, use rubbing alcohol to clean it up without ruining your nail polish.
  4. To prevent your sharpie marker design from smudging, lightly apply hair spray as soon as you are done drawing it on.
  5. Let your Sharpie marker design dry properly before applying your clear nail polish top coat, this will also prevent smudging.

Which Sharpie nail art design will you try? Share with us by leaving a comment below.
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  1. Janea Sturn11/05/2013

    wow, so trying the mustache and polka dots, looks easy.

  2. Kerrie Neils11/06/2013

    The side by side blue/gold and black/gold, love it!

  3. Love the nails and color !! Smile


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