15 Things We Love About Thanksgiving Day.

15 Things We Love About Thanksgiving Day.

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The bountiful feast and celebration on Thanksgiving Day does not happen magically, it comes with lots of preparation, hard work and stress from hours of cooking, baking, cleaning and decorating the home to entertain family and friends.

Once all the hard work is done it is always wonderful and rewarding when you finally get to sit down and enjoy it all, turning those hours of hard work, kitchen labor and stressed situations into a fabulous meal with delicious desserts! Read on to see 15 thing we love about Thanksgiving Day!

1. Turkey your thanksgiving cupcakes.

2. Sweet cookie treats for the kids and adults too.

3. Delight your guests by arranging your fruits in the shape of a turkey, this one features strawberries apple and orange slices.

4. Decorating cookies is a fun activity for the kids thanksgiving table.

5. Yummy chocolate covered strawberries decorated in fall foliage and pumpkin inspired colors.

6. We love cake pops and turkey cake pops are perfect for this celebration.

7 and 8. Instead of the usual salad bowl, display your vegetables by laying them out to form the shape of a turkey as shown in the photos above and below.

9. Your fruit salad dish will be a welcome treat with these turkey shaped fruit kebabs made from green grapes, blue berries, black berries, raspberries and clementine slice with a pear in the center.

10. You can never have enough desserts or yummy treats for the kids and these cookies are perfect.

11. Colorful cupcakes laid out in the shape of Turkey is a fun way to present dessert at thanksgiving.

12. We can't think of a better way to sweeten the thanksgiving table than with a chocolate-caramel cake.

13. It would not be thanksgiving without a deliciously stuffed, baked turkey served with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, the must have foods at every traditional thanksgiving meal.

14 and 15. Gathering with family around the dining room table with it's gorgeous fall color decor and centerpieces.

What are your favorite things about thanksgiving? Share with us by leaving a comment below. 

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  1. Talia Huff11/30/2013

    Everything looks delish!

  2. Lacey B11/30/2013

    What a great way to display the fruits and veggies, wish I had seen this earlier.


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