Five Fabulous Ways To Jazz Up Your Dark Nail Manicure.

Five Fabulous Ways To Jazz Up Your Dark Nail Manicure.

Many of us stay away from coloring our nails with black, grey or dark color nail polish because of the gothic 'Adams Family' look it represents. Today we hope to help you expand your nail color choices by showing you five fabulous ways to jazz up your dark nail polish and take your next manicure from Goth to glam!

Read on for more nail art ideas...
1. Give your nails a graphic look by adding geometric lines using sparkly gold nail polish.

2. Add a top layer of silver sparkle nail polish all over your nail bed except for the tips.
3. Do a faux French manicure by painting silver polish using a thin nail art brush or you can also use a thin strip of silver nail foil.

4. Use your nail stamp to create beautiful white or silver snowflakes over your nails.
5. Use multicolored nail foil to create eye-catching stripes across your nails.

Which jazzed up dark nail art idea will you try? Share with us by leaving a comment below.
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