Eye On Technology: Apple Unveils New iPad Air And iPad Mini.

Eye On Technology: Apple Unveils New iPad Air And iPad Mini.
Our latest eye on technology news is for the tech savvy fashionista who loves her gadgets especially if you are a die hard fan of Apple products like the Macbook and iPad. From bloggers to women entrepreneurs and anyone who enjoys the perks and convenience of staying connected using the latest electronic devices.

Apple surprised everyone at their event on Tuesday by unveiling two new Macbooks for immediate release. They also unveiled the products that we are most looking forward to a thinner, lighter and more powerful iPad named the iPad Air and a brand new iPad mini with Retina display, both coming in November and just in time to be the perfect gift!

Like the iPhone as the launch date for a new iPad gets closer, the value of older iPads will begin to depreciate rather quickly. If you are planning to upgrade to the new iPad and want to get the most value out of your old device then Gazelle has a sweet offer that allows you to lock the trade-in price of your old iPad for 30 days. Read on for more...
Gazelle is currently paying $175 for the iPad Mini 16GB Wifi version, and with the new model price set at $399, the net cost for your new iPad would only be $224. Aside from their amazing trade-in values, Gazelle is currently running their Become a Gazellionaire™ Sweepstakes. Visit Gazelle.com/sweeps to trade in your iPad or other device for a chance to win $1 million!

Will you be getting the new Apple iPad Air or iPad mini? Share with us by leaving a comment below.
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