Stylish MommyHood Tips: A Fun Way To Tackle Bedwetting.

Stylish Mommy-Hood Tips: A Fun Way To Tackle Bedwetting.
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Moms and dads know all too well the growth phase where you train your little prince and/or princess to graduate from using diapers to training pants and the very common next step where bedwetting continues past the no more diapers stage.
Unfortunately this can be a rather daunting experience for all involved, thankfully there is a lot of useful information to explain the common causes and/or medical reasons for bedwetting past a certain age. 

There are also several ways to help your little one overcome the stress of bedwetting and to take away the anxiety or pressure they may feel before bedtime. Keeping their confidence levels up, reassuring them with kind words and making bedtime as relaxing as possible is also very important. Read on for more...

Creating a bedtime routine that keeps them emotionally relaxed and feeling in control of the situation is a fantastic way to help your little one overcome the bedwetting phase. We recently took the GoodNites dry night 3-Day Challenge to try this out.
The challenge involved having our little one take a fun secret undercover spy mission right before bedtime. This fun challenge helped to ease his mind and take away any sense of fear or discomfort, it kept him so preoccupied that we doubt the thought of bedwetting even entered his mind.

Aside from the fun spy story line of this challenge, GoodNites also provided samples of their VERY discreet new GoodNites® Underwear to try out. The underwear-like fit and cute spiderman design was a definite confidence booster. It offered impeccable protection meaning no more wet bed sheets, while staying discreetly hidden under his pyjamas, sort of like the stealth aircrafts and gadgets that superheroes and spies use.
Overall we rate it A for discreet protection and A+ for fun! If you would like to take the Goodnites challenge and have your little one go 'undercover' under the covers, visit to sign up and for the chance to win weekly prizes . You can also do so via GoodNites Facebook page.
GoodNites also provides a wonderful parent-parent support network, where you can ask questions and receive advice from other parents about bedwetting. We highly recommend you check it out and share it with other moms and dads.

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