Fashion Meets Art In Tang Chew Liang's Incredible Illustrations.

Fashion Meets Botany Meets Art In Tang Chew Liang's Incredible Illustrations.
Illustrative artist Tang Chiew Liang left us mesmerized with her art meets botany meets fashion creations. In her latest project called "Fashion In Leaves" the Kuala Lampur artist structures the leaves from lilies etc. and yellow flower petals to create glamorous dresses that adorn her black and white illustrations of beautiful women like the infamous actress Audrey Hepburn.
Read on to see more art illustrations that feature the beauty, color and textures of leaves as beautiful fashion pieces...


See more Fashion Meets Botany Meets Art:

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  1. Anne Hunter9/12/2013

    like the combination of actual illustration + flowers

  2. Laura Croft9/12/2013


  3. Chanthala Sayasena9/13/2013

    Wonderful idea

  4. Anne Brockett9/13/2013

    Fabulously unique and fun


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