Beautiful Homes: Inside A Fabulous Moroccan Inspired Home.

Beautiful Homes: Inside A Moroccan Inspired Home.
Today's beautiful homes segment features a fabulous Moroccan inspired home located on the outskirts of L.A in Palm Desert. The effort that went into creating Casbah Cove is easily seen in it's intricate and very detailed design, which stays true to it's exotic theme thanks to the craftsmen from Morocco who were involved in constructing the estate. 

Casbah Cove is perched on a hill top for all to see and admire, lined with palm trees, a grand out door pool, indoor baths and spectacular views of the mountains. Read on to see more photos of it's intricate architecture and glamorous interior by Gordon Stein Designs.
The Grand Entrance:


Outdoor Pools And Entertaining Areas:


Living Room And Office:

Kitchen And Dining Room:


The Bedrooms:


Indoor Baths And Spa:


Hallway And Relaxation Room:

Which room is your favorite in this Moroccan inspired home? Leave a comment below.
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