7 Easy And Stylish Ways To Update Your Home.

7 Easy And Stylish Ways To Update Your Home.
What inspires you to decorate your home? One Kings Lane just released the wonderful video below that has inspired us to take a second look at out home and find ways easy, D.I.Y and affordable ways to update it.

As shown in the short clip your home update or makeover does not mean that you have re-do the entire space. Simply switching up and adding a few beautiful décor pieces can produce a fabulous and noticeable transformation. Read on for more...
1. Add chic accents to the table tops, shelves and bookcases of the room that your are updating.
2. Add a unique and whimsical décor item that would not typically be found in that space, it will be the perfect conversation piece during social gatherings.
3. Vary the silhouettes, patterns and textures of the items you display instead of only using similar pieces, this adds a stylish and eclectic touch to your home's design.
4. Get new throw pillows and cushions for a fabulous color transformation that also updates the look of your furniture and overall feel of your home.
5. Add a new furniture piece like a comfy chair or chaise. Re-arrange the furniture in your room to accommodate this piece and make it your personal relaxing space where you can have a glass of wine and read your favorite book.

6. Add a beautiful new painting or display your favorite piece of art. This is an easy way to change the focus of the room and draw attention to your painting. Choose colors that complement your new home design.

7. Create a feature wall. Get creative and turn your blank wall into your personal home gallery, it's the perfect way to display your stylish home décor like metallic wall accessories, mirrors and framed family photos.

You can find some of the gorgeous and unique home accessories that you will need for your easy room/home update during one of  One Kings Lane amazing sales. Several new sales are held throughout the week and each sale only lasts for 72 hours, so head on over to One Kings Lane and  get the items you love at great prices!
*Watch this short video for more easy and stylish ways to update your home:

Which room in your home would you like to update and which of the tips above will you use? Share with us by leaving a comment below.
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