Style Guide: We Guarantee A Gorgeous Homecoming.

Style Guide: We Guarantee A Gorgeous Homecoming. 
It's Labor Day weekend and that means the start of the new school year is almost here. Now that your frantic trips to the store for your back to essentials have come to an end, you realize that you forgot to shop for the first major event of the school year; homecoming!

Are you ready for the homecoming celebration? Have you found your perfect homecoming dress? You may not be able to predict what happens at homecoming or control the weather but with our help, we guarantee that you will look absolutely gorgeous and that begins with choosing the right dress!
Read on to see 6 easy style tips for choosing your homecoming dress and see the dresses we love and recommend for the 'pretty in pink, lush in blush, sassy in black, glamorous in white, royal in blue and dazzling in red' fashionistas...

Tips For Choosing And Styling Your Dress:

1. Wear a beautiful dress with the right fit for your shape and height.
2. Pick a color and fabric that accentuates your complexion and reflects your personality.
3. Choose a dress that you will wear again, this ensures that you will pick a dress you really love and not one you're just settling for. The key to great style is being able to recycle your outfits, switch it up, and change the accessories for another event.
4. Accessorize your dress with complementing jewelry, purse and heels but remember your dress should be the head turner not your accessories, so don't over do it.
5. Style your hair to suit the design of your dress (e.g. if your dress is backless,  try an up-do hairstyle.)
6. Step out confidently and smile because you look GORGEOUS!
Look Stunning In One of These Homecoming Dresses:
Look Pretty In pink.

Keep It Lush in Blush & Champagne.

Go For Sassy In Black.

Be Glamorous In White.

Be Royal In Blue.

Turn Heads And Dazzle In Red.

Get The Look: The featured homecoming dresses all retail for $160 USD or less and are available online at Visit them now to browse their expansive selection of gorgeous homecoming dresses and save during their up to 60% off sale.

Which featured homecoming dress is your fave? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Karen Goodman8/30/2013

    Pretty dress

  2. this fashion is very common in this summer... its stylish but its too common... i want to buy some thing different style...


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