Makeup As Art: Bright, Bold And Beautiful Makeup Looks.

Makeup As Art: Bright, Bold And Beautiful Makeup Looks.

Our everyday makeup styles are usually subdued and toned down, except for special occasions like a costumed or theme party where we can experiment with makeup. Our brush with makeup as an art-form often comes from high fashion magazines, theater performers and seeing celebrities in concert.

Today we are exploring the beauty industry's best kept secret 'makeup as art' featuring bright, bold and beautiful makeup looks that you may or may not dare to try. Read on to see more photos and let us know if you're a fan of makeup art...

Which makeup as art photo is your favorite and would you dare to try one of these bold makeup looks?
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  1. Naomi Nice19:09

    Love the yellow!

  2. Taylor19:11

    oh my those are long lashes in #4

  3. Carol19:12

    I love your site, fantastic post and photos!

  4. I would try Brittany's makeup.

  5. Patricia Watson08:06

    Yes,love the yellow but l really like how the cheeks and lips are the same or very closed to it


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