Summer Style Guide: 7 Fabulous Ways To Wear Your Mini Skirt.

Summer Style Guide: 7 Fabulous Ways To Wear Your Mini Skirt.

When summer kicks in the days get longer, the temperature gets hotter and our clothing gets shorter as we transition from jeans and leggings to fabulous mini skirts. They can be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe if you style them just right. Read on to see seven fabulous ways to rock your mini skirt!

Jazz up your casual weekender outfit with a cute mini skirt tank top and pearls. 

Wear a bold floral pattern mini with a fitted top and crop jacket. For a trendy look go with this summer's popular monochrome black/white style.

Look vintage chic with a lace mini skirt and chunky pearls.

Try a stylish safari-inspired look by pairing your mini skirt with a nude color or brown accessories.

Add some class to your curve hugging mini skirt by pairing it with your favorite dress shirt, add a tweed jacket for maximum effect.

Look sweet in a tutu inspired mini skirt, cute patterns like polka dots will make it even more fun and stylish.

Pair your mini skirt with your favorite animal print top and lace up booties for a business casual but stylish look.

Which mini skirt style is your favorite? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Anne Hunter7/17/2013

    As a lover of skirts: All these are great styles. easy to convert from spring - summer - fall

    not hard to change up a tad to go from day into night too!

    Thanks for showing these!

  2. Shadeeka Campbell7/17/2013

    Great styles. They look modern and trendy.

  3. Fashion and Jewelry7/17/2013


  4. Very cute choices

    Style n love, jamaica

    1. Where can i find the 1st skirt (casual weekender)?


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