Spotlight On Art: Amazing Foodscapes By Carl Warner.

Spotlight On Art: Amazing Foodscapes By Carl Warner.

Our newest artist spotlight features the amazing food art snaps by British based photographer Carl Warner. Below are some of our favorites from his foodscapes collection created using all natural and fresh ingredients that include fruits, vegetables, chocolate and more.

His is by far one of the best foodscape collections we've come across, as he recreates everything from famous cities like London and Paris, to lush green natural landscapes with waterfalls. And he even captures the beauty of the ocean with a coral reef foodscape . Read on to see more fantastic photos from Carl Warner's foodscapes collection...

London foodscape featuring Big Ben and more.

Lush green cucumber forest foodscape.

Farmer's market and farming town foodscape.

Wild-Wild west foodscape.

Chocolate train and landscape foodscape.

Farm with hay stacks foodscape.

Lettuce shoreline foodscape.

Garlic forest foodscape.

Island and coral reef foodscape.

Coastal fishing community foodscape. 

New York City's Empire State building foodscape.

Paris Eiffel tower and Champs Elyssee foodscape.

Air balloon foodscape.

What do you think of Carl Warner's food art photographs and which foodscape photo is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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