Planning Your Dream Vacation.

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Planning Your Dream Vacation.

Finding the time to plan your dream vacation and checking all the boxes to ensure that you will have a stress free and worry free time can be a bit daunting, even for seasoned travelers.

Now that summer is finally here and school is out, many families with young children are planning a much needed getaway to visit family and friends who live abroad or to see the home country of their parents and grandparents.

High school graduates starting College/University in the fall and current University students may be looking forward to taking an exciting trip during the summer break with their friends. Trekking through and visiting historic cities in South America or doing the very popular backpacking tour across Europe.

Summer is also wedding season and there are lots of newly weds planning a romantic getaway to celebrate their honeymoon. There are also working professionals like us who simply need some down time to relax, be adventurous and enjoy the wonders of life.

Then there are the ones who have saved up every year waiting for the perfect time to take their ultimate dream vacation, the type that gets added to the top of everyone’s bucket list, like going on a Safari in Africa or (insert your dream vacation here).

Many people rely on travel agencies to handle most of the initial planning, like securing plane tickets and handling flight transfer, hotel and car rental details etc. However with so much information and travel resources readily available on the internet. We dedicated a few days to browse through tons of photos and simply got lost in the beauty of the places we wish to explore, hotels we want to stay in, and the restaurants we want to dine at.

After several hours we realized that we had compiled tons of photos and city names but not made much headway on travel essentials like our flight itinerary etc.

Thankfully we came across a wonderful blog post with a simple check list to use for Planning your dream vacation. It kept us focused on picking a timeline, researching flight options, booking the trip and most importantly choosing travel insurance in case the unexpected happens. As well as many other tidbits that we might have forgotten to look into or do.

If you are planning a getaway to your dream destination, take a look at the 'Planning your dream vacation' blog post by Insurance Hunter for the complete checklist and more travel planning tips.

What’s your go-to source for planning your vacations? Share your helpful travel advice by leaving a comment below.


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