Making The Best Of A Bad Situation.

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation.

(This post is written by our Technology Contributor P. Notov  and is sponsored by our affiliate Gazelle. All opinions are ours.)

Have you ever broken your phone? Do you have a good story on how it happened? From spilling a drink or coffee on it to dropping it on a hard surface or in the sink full of water? There are so many stories on how we break our cellphones and the agony we feel in those first few minutes of trying to revive it, hoping that it turns on. Then the emotional dive that follows once we realize and accept that it's a write off and ponder about how long we will be cut off from our friends, favorite social networks, apps and more until the replacement arrives.

We have heard  countless similar, funny, shocking and more stories about broken cellphones. Instead of pining over your broken phone, we recommend that you make the best of a bad situation and use it to fund your next smart phone purchase.

Did you know that your broken iPhone could be worth over $100? Yes you heard right, it does not have to be a total loss. Instead of throwing your broken, shattered and damaged phone in the trash. Gazelle offers a fast and easy way for you to get cash for your used or broken iPhones. More than 500,000 consumers have already used Gazelle to sell nearly one million used and broken gadgets including smartphones like the iPhone.

Visit Gazelle today, and see what your broken iPhone is worth, they trade in phones that; 
  • Do not power on.
  • Have broken or cracked LCD screen or glass
  • Are missing buttons (power, home, ringer, volume)
  • Have broken or cracked hardware (charging ports, casing, etc.)
  • Have housing separation beyond the width of a nickel

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