Keep Those Pesky Mosquitoes And Bugs Away.

Keep Those Pesky Mosquitoes And Bugs Away.

Summer is the time for outdoor living, where the backyard becomes our favorite part of the home and we escape to the beach house, cottage and favorite camp sites for the weekend or with the family for a more lengthy summer getaway. However our fun outdoor activities like lazing by the pool, barbecuing, garden parties and alfresco dinner with guests often get interrupted by those pesky little mosquitoes and bugs who want to be in on the fun too.

Unfortunately for us that means annoying buzzing sounds, one too many chemical laced bug repellent sprays. And constantly fanning the bugs away with no success as we still end up with hurtful bites, stings and the itchy bumps that we apply more chemical laced after-bite lotions to. Thankfully there are more natural, Eco-friendly and harmful chemical free ways to deal with those annoying bugs. Read on for more...

This summer keep those pesky mosquitoes and bugs away and replace your spray and pesticides, with a cluster of mosquito-repelling potted plants some of which are '10 times more effective than pesticides like DEET. Plus when grouped together near a seating area on your deck or patio, they make a beautiful and lush addition to your outdoor landscape' while also protecting you and your guests from bug bites. 

Beautiful Bug Repelling Plants
Geraniums are one of our favorite bug repelling plants. Not only do they do the trick, but they come in beautiful colors and styles that include cascading or full and lush as shown in the photos below. Stack or cluster your geraniums together for maximum effect and have fun creating a beautiful multicolored garden that you can enjoy.

Cascading Geraniums

Potted Geraniums

Decorating With Bug Repelling Geraniums:

1. Place them on your window sill so you can enjoy the cool summer and late night breeze without letting the bugs in.

2. Add some curb appeal to your home by stacking potted geranium plants around the driveway and front lawn, they will ensure that no mosquitoes get in through the front door.

3. Decorate your backyard patio, deck and fence by hanging cascading geraniums on them.

4. Create a beautiful backyard garden that both you and your guests will admire and enjoy spending time in by creating clusters of colorful potted geraniums.

*To learn more about geraniums and other plants that will have you saying good-bye to bugs, check out One Kings Lane's article 'Easy Update: Mosquito-Repelling Potagerie.'

How do you deal with those annoying bugs? Share your bu repelling tips with us by leaving a comment below.
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