Girl Talk: That Embarrassing Moment When Mother Nature Steps In. (Sponsored)

Girl Talk: That Embarrassing Moment When Mother Nature Steps In.

Welcome to 'Girl Talk' with Lush Fab Glam. Today we are discussing something that every woman experiences and that embarrassing moment many of us will never forget. For some it's been a one time slip-up and since then we have been extremely careful to not have it repeat itself. For other's it has occurred one time too many and we haven't quite gotten a handle on it. Read on for more...

Many things may have come to your mind so far, so let's get down to it. Ladies we are referring to our menstrual cycles, and as for that embarrassing or inconvenient moment, you may have figured it out by now. It's the trip, day at the beach or romantic evening, that was ruined because of an embarrassing stain on your favorite white/light colored dress or jeans. Mother Nature dealt you a wild card and your menstrual cycle occurred at the most inconvenient time.

During a discussion we realized that many women are either shy or very reserved when it comes to speaking about their menstrual cycle and the products they use with their girlfriends and other women, but how can we compare notes and figure out what works if we don't talk about it?

Thankfully this blog provides the perfect platform for us to write about it and share our finds with you. And you have the convenience of reading our fab tips on caring for our bodies during our menstrual cycle by using products that will leave us feeling confident, clean and worry free. As we go about our daily routine and fun activities with no more embarrassing moments from mother nature.

Interview with Lush Fab Glam's Editor:

Are you a pad or tampon girl? 
For the longest while I diligently clung to my pads until I hung out with a friend who was able to strut her stuff and wear her bikini on the beach. While I stayed covered up in my sarong and we were both on our menstrual cycles.  So I finally wised up and decided to try tampons.

What's your go-to tampon product?  
I recently started using U by Kotex Click Tampons. They come in cute packages that look like candy bars so no one (especially your date) has to know what you're carrying or pulling out of your purse. The applicator also comes in fun, stylish colors and designs.

Many women choose pads over tampons because they are worried about leakage, what's your advice for them?  
I know exactly how they feel, I used to think that way as well, but if you're using the right product, and by that I mean, it's easy to use and goes above and beyond the coverage and protection that it promises. Then you have nothing to worry about.

Plus, there is always the factor of size and the comfort that it provides, tampons most definitely win in that department. For example the U by Kotex Click Tampon is compact but easily expands in one click and it's slim and easy to insert.

Any fun advice for dealing with your menstrual cycle?
I say go with the flow and embrace it, since it's what makes us women, and always carry a spare tampon, it's small and discreet and easily fits in your purse, wallet and even your pocket. You never know when you will need it or run into a friend who does.

If you would like to try out the U by Kotex Click Tampons mentioned above Click Here to request your free sample and don't forget to check out U by Kotex on Facebook and Twitter.

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

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