Beauty Buzz: Eye Lash Perfection And Beauty That Keeps On Giving.

Beauty Buzz: Eye Lash Perfection And Beauty That Keeps On Giving.

We have all tried a multitude of ways and products to get and keep our eyelashes perfectly voluminous, perfectly long and perfectly beautiful. From eye lash curlers, to pricey high end mascaras and at home beauty tips. At the end of the day all we want is a mascara that will leave us with gorgeous eyes so we can sensually flutter our eyelashes and look fabulous doing it.

Our latest beauty find to help you do just that comes from a brand with a name that you would not expect and an even more surprising mission to change the world one beauty product at a time. So who are they? Simply but aptly titled Measurable Difference

We know it does not sound like your typical department store beauty product company and that's exactly why we love it. That and the allure that their new Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer will instantly leave your lashes 200% longer, 75% fuller and more luscious, while giving you the look of bigger, bolder eyes.

Think you have heard that pitch before? Not quite, so what's the difference? For one it's infused with peptides that will make your lashes soft and supple. It also contains lengthening and thickening fibers and it's precision brushes guarantee smooth application to eliminate clumping. Plus it comes with all the necessities; it's affordable at only $15.00, it's long lasting, smudge proof, water resistant and most importantly paraben free!

So what about the beauty that keeps on giving? Not only do you get beautiful lashes but you get to help other women too! 'Measurable Difference has partnered with the Women's Refugee Commission to help women and children around the world.' To do this they created the Measurable Difference challenge which is 'a national campaign designed to encourage women to enhance their beauty while helping other women in need. 

For every mascara sold in June, July, and August 2013, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Refugee Commission.' If you are part of a philanthropic organization you may even be able to get their assistance in raising funds for your charity/cause, since 'Measurable Difference participates in programs that truly make a “measurable difference” in supporting a woman’s place in the world and so do we here at

To learn more about the Measurable Difference Challenge and to get your Amplifying Mascara and Primer, head on over to the Measurable Difference website.

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