Summer Makeup Ideas: Bring On The Glitter Eyeshadow.

Summer Makeup Ideas:  Bring On The Glitter Eyeshadow.

We tend to do more in the summer, from attending birthday parties, summer parties, bridal showers, weddings etc and sometimes we need to switch up our usual makeup routine for something with a little pizzazz.

Turquoise Glitter Eyeshadow.

So bring on the glitter in elegant neutral eye shadows for daytime and fabulous bold eye shadows for evening time. Read on for more glitter eye shadow makeup inspiration that you should try this summer...

Day Time Makeup Inspiration:

Beige Glitter Eyeshadow.

Gold Glitter Eyeshadow.

Bronze Glitter Eyeshadow.

Evening Makeup Inspiration:

Pink Glitter Eyeshadow.

Silver Glitter Eyeshadow.

Blue Glitter Eyeshadow.

Turquoise Glitter Eyeshadow.

Get The Look: Want to try this look? Here are the Glitter/Shimmer Eyeshadow sets we recommend:

1MAC Smoky Thrillseekers Pigments/glitter Set of 5 Tartan Tale, Nib, Ltd.ed.
2NYX Glitter Powder Eyeshadow Pigment All 10 Colors.

Which glitter eye shadow look(s) will you try? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Krissy5/16/2013

    I'm trying the gold and turquoise can't wait to see how it turn out.

  2. Turquoise color looks awesome---hey krissy no need to wait that how the shade will look-i found a site WWW.TAAZ.COM they have a virtual make tool thats gives awesome results--i love it ---

  3. Lauren5/26/2013

    Everything on this blog is so pretty it's my new favorite.

  4. Sabrina Perkins5/29/2013

    I love that color with those eyes.

  5. amazing.....i love it


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