Finding Kind: A Must-See Documentary On Girls & Bullying + Win Free Movies.

Finding Kind: A Must-See Documentary On Girls & Bullying + Win Free Movies.

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It’s been over two years since filmmakers Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson set out to change the mindset of girls across the country. The message is simple and the affect profound, be kind. A heart-felt answer to “the mean girls” phenomenon and growing issue of girl crime.

There documentary 'Finding Kind' and it's campaign to end girl bullying has screened in over 500 schools in the US and Canada and continues to be a staple in many institutions with the implementation of “Kind Clubs” and increased demand for screenings.

The viewing of this nationally accredited documentary film has now been extended on IndieFlix until May 31st and we highly recommend that mothers and their daughters watch this incredible eye-opening film together. 

Read on for the documentary synopsis and to watch the official trailer. Plus enter for your chance to be 1 of 10 winners who will receive a two-month subscription to watch this and more amazing films and documentaries on IndieFlix.

Finding Kind Synopsis:
Lauren can still vividly recall the horrific experiences she went through with girls in middle school. She grew up well aware of the fact that females can be outright cruel to each other and the fact that society has done nothing to bring attention to the severity of this issue. If anything, society has glamorized, mocked and accepted the "mean girl" phenomenon. 

For the last ten years of her life she has wanted to change this phenomenon. Watch as Lauren and her best friend Molly combine their experiences and passion to uncover what is really going on within the "Girl World." 

The two girls packed their bags and traveled across America in a mini-van with both their mothers to interview hundreds of females around the country. The stories they found will shock you to your core. Watch as the girls embark on an emotional and revealing roller-coaster around the country, while finding kindness along the way. Click here to learn more and to watch the official 'Finding Kind' trailer.

Finding Kind Infographic: (Click image for larger view)

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