Home Design Tips: How To Virtually Remodel Your Home.

Home Design Tips: How To Virtually Remodel Your Home.

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

We had the opportunity to try out Royal Building Products new Virtual Remodeler tool it was a fascinating experience and something we recommend to anyone planning a home renovation, home remodeling or home construction. The Virtual Remodeler can be easily accessed on Royal Building Products  website and can be used to design the changes to your home's Vinyl Siding, windows and more.

Visually seeing those changes before you shop for building products or begin construction makes all the difference in how confident you will be during the building process and your level of satisfaction with the final product.

Once you've used the Virtual Remodeler to create the new design for your home, you can move on to purchasing the Royal Building Products that will provide you with the exact look that you created, eliminating any worries that the product you order might not match the design.

Home renovations can be tedious, stressful and time consuming and the Virtual Remodeler is a much needed tool that simplifies that process. Below is our sampling of the easy to use and very efficient Virtual Remodeler to change the design of the Vinyl Siding on a preformatted home, you also have the option to upload a photo of your own home. Read on for more...

Step 1: Once you enter the virtual remodeler page you are given the option of choosing a pre-formatted home or uploading a photo of your own home. We used one of the pre-formatted homes to create our design.

Step 2: Once we chose our pre-formatted home instructions for designing it appeared.

Step 3: We then selected the vinyl siding section of the home that we wanted to change and used the selections provided to change the profile (product material) and color of our Vinyl Siding.

Step 4: And voila you get to  see your finished product.

If you or someone you know are planning a home renovation, home remodel or construction project head on over to Royal Building Products to try the Virtual Remodeler to change your vinyl siding and to see the other products that they offer to home owners and construction professionals across North America.

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