Interior Design: Bold And Dramatic Black Glamour.

Interior Design Tips: Bold And Dramatic Black Glamour.

For those who aren't afraid of using color to make a bold and dramatic statement in their homes, designing with black is the way to go. Black walls, furniture, floors and decor will add an ultra modern and very glamorous flare to any room in your home.

Contrary to popular belief designing in black does not have to be dark or drab because it allows you to experiment with modern colorful decor pieces in red, bright green, fuchsia, yellow etc.

By Habachy Designs

 You can also use traditional hues of silver, white and animal print decor pieces, or you can combine both modern and traditional decor as shown in the black, silver and red dinning room above. Read on for more black glamour home design and decor inspiration...

Black Kitchen and Dinning Room:

Black Living Rooms:

Black Bedroom:

Black Bathroom:

Which black glamour room appeals to your design taste? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Really a beautiful work and nice way of using this stuff in a bedroom design idea.i hope i will see more stuff here like this and its sad to leave this page now........:)

  2. I have one question. What kind of color that I can replace for my Modern Interior Design Ideas?


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