Celebrities Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence You Should Too.

Celebrities Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence You  Should Too.

As we prepare to celebrate the holidays with our families, there are homes where the festive season will be a sad and somber one, homes like the ones in Newtown, Connecticut where parents have lost their children. In the spirit of the season we should all give back by helping to make a difference in anyway we can. The families of Newtown, Connecticut suggested performing 26 acts of kindness. Make joining the initiative below be one of them.

A long list of celebrities from Hollywood, entertainment and music industries have joined forces to help promote 'Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence' in America. The lineup includes Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Anniston, Jamie Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Selena Gonez, Jessica Alba, Chris Rock, Reese Witherspoon, John Legend and more.

Read on to see the inspiring video below dedicated to all those who lost their lives through gun violence like the tragic shootings in schools like Sandy Hook etc. To learn more about this initiative and how you can make a difference visit www.demandaplan.org.

To see more videos visit our YouTube channel: LushFabGlamTV

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