Perfect For Fall Nails: IsaDora Magnetic Nail Lacquer Collection.

Perfect For Fall Nails: IsaDora Magnetic Nail Lacquer Collection.

One of our coolest finds so far, forget about the peel on nail stickers and appliques and try Isadora's Magnetic Nails collection, with colours that are perfect for the fall and winter months and easy DIY nail designs to rival the best manicure spas. Read on for details on how it works, where to get it and see a few of our favorite nail polish shades.

How It Works:
Magnetic Nails has a special formula with coated iron pigments, using magnetic forces to create special effects on the nail. As the magnet, attached to the paper cap of the nail polish bottle, is held over the nail, the iron pigment in the nail lacquer gravitates toward the magnet, forming the special effect nail pattern.

How to apply: 
1. Apply a generous coat of Magnetic Nails on one nail at a time. Immediately follow with step 2. If the nail polish dries, 
the magnetic effect will not work. 

2. Place the magnet a few millimeters above the wet nail polish for 15 seconds. The “support grip” on the magnet should be placed close to the cuticle, for the magnet to be perfectly positioned over the nail. 

3. Repeat on all nails and finish with IsaDora Base-/Top Coat no. 600 Clear for an extra long lasting result.

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