D.I.Y Glamorized Pumpkins

D.I.Y Glamorized Pumpkins.

Below are a few fabulous, creative and fun ideas for adding a bit of glamour to your organic pumpkins as you decorate your home or host dinner parties this fall.

Sparkle Pumpkins: A bottle of all purpose glue and your favorite glitter colors is all it takes to create these beautiful sparkling pumpkins. Apply the glue all over the pumpkin, dust on the glitter until its fully covered and shake off any excess. They make the perfect center piece for your dinner or coffee tables. Read on for more...


Lace Pumpkins: Simply drop your pumpkin into a lace stocking, then cut and glue the top portion of the lace directly around the stock, and voila you've transformed a traditional boring pumpkin into a burlesque style pumpkin.

Embellished Lace Pumpkins: This lace pumpkin is similar to the one shown above, except with a view for more embellishments like the attached roses made out of ribbons with a glued on pearl center.

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Pinned Pumpkins: Flat top thumb-tacks or thumb-pins are all you need to create these beautiful floral designs. We recommend using a marker to draw your design onto the pumpkin, then add the pins along the drawn out design.

Acrylic Painted Pumpkins: Acrylic paint in your favorite colors and paint brushes is all you will need to create this artistic take on the painted pumpkin. If your drawing/painting skills are not quite as elaborate we recommend the more simple marker polka dots pumpkin below.

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Marker Polka Dots Pumpkin  For this painted pumpkin all you need are metallic markers or you can stick with your favorite colors. After painting your pumpkin white, use the markers to add various size polka dots to your  pumpkin.

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Which glamorized pumpkin do you prefer and will you try making these D.I.Y pumpkin ideas? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Nina18:07

    The sparkles pumpkins are gorge, I want to try it.

  2. Viki18:07

    Wish I had seen this before i made the ugliest carved pumpkins.

  3. Mona18:08

    I like the vintage look of the lace pumpkins.

  4. Amber18:09

    Wow pretty.

  5. Hailey18:11

    Glitter makes everything look better. I'm thinking of doing a bit of black glitter so the orange in the pumpkins still show.

  6. megan11:48

    The sparkle and bejewel ones look simple enough, think I will try.

  7. What a fantastic idea.

  8. Cathy11:52

    The blue and lace pumpkins are very nice and I can use them all year.


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