Yupty Your Way To A Better Shopping Experience.

Yupty Your Way To A Better Shopping Experience.

We've discovered a fabulous new way to improve the ease and fun of your shopping experience, it's a new App called Yupty. The shopping app created by Aaron Sakowski and Rucha Humnabadkar from San Francisco makes shopping a social experience that you can share with family, friends and just about anyone and it does not require their physical presence.

Gone are the days when you needed to bribe or drag your friends to the mall to pick out your next great outfit or fab pair of shoes. With Yupty you can simply take a picture of the item, post it and receive instant feedback  as comments or thumbs up/down votes all while you shop and best of all it's free!

Picture this: You're at your favorite store trying to decide between two items and guess what?  They're both amazing, but you can only chose one.  You would ask the sales assistant, but you know they're looking for commission and are likely to offer you the most expensive item, secondly they don't know you enough to know what you're looking for. Your BFF is at work and you're all alone with a tough choice. 

With Yupty, you can use your phone to take a picture of the item(s) and submit it for immediate review from your friends.  Within seconds you will receive replies back with ratings from your trusted friends and family.  Now this is shopping made easy!

The creators of Yupty are looking for enthusiastic shoppers, fashion lovers and shopaholics to try out the app and the best part is it's totally free and available for download via the iPhone App Store. Visit http://www.yupty.com/ now to download the free App and don't forget to spread the word to your family and friends so they can join the fun. Read on to see a short video on how easy and simple it is to use the cool Yupty shopping app...

How It Works:

Post a photo of the item you would like to purchase and receive instant feedback and comments.

Yupty App Video:

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