When Fashion Meets Art: Michel Tcherevkoff Shoe Fleur Collection.

When Fashion Meets Art: Michel Tcherevkoff Shoe Fleur Collection.

It's said that 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder', for Parisian photographer Michel Tcherevkoff, what looked like an upside down leaf to everyone else reminded him of a beautiful shoe. And so started his fascination with turning beautiful and exotic flowers into incredible shoes and bags.

Michel refers to his style as "reality with a twist" he says "I photograph what I see rather than what is". Read on to take the journey into his world and see more creations from his Spring 2012 Shoe Fleur Collection. We are hooked and sure you will be too...

Salvatore: The first name is familiar; the surname, the epitome of Italian sophistication.

Clara Bow: When ‘it’ was silent and ‘sexy’ was a red lipstick pout.

Greta Gazebo: If she wants to be left alone, why in the world does she wear such provocative shoes?

Seat of the Sole: It might just change your life.

Chiquita: A shoe so sweet it doubles as a late-night desert…or breakfast in bed.

Belle Fleur: Let other brides toss their bouquets – she’ll throw her shoes.

Feet to be Tied: A loose lariat of buds fasten dancing shoes that are intended to fall of.

Fatal Attraction: These irresistible long-stemmed beauties will make you bleed but they’re worth it.

Paradise Found: She was tropical exotica, standing just a bit taller and a few steps away from the flock.

Divine: A fiery combination of red and yellow.

Feng Shoe: She thought it was love that threw her off balance until she took off her platforms.
Photos by Michel Tcherevkoff 

What do you think of Michel's Spring 2012 collection and which shoe fleur is your favorite? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Ashley6/07/2012

    omg so pretty wish they were real.

  2. That's Impressive I love each one.


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