What's New In Beauty: Ruffian x MAC Summer Makeup Collection.

What's New In Beauty: Ruffian x MAC Summer Makeup Collection.

NYC based fashion brand Ruffian and MAC cosmetics have collaborated to create the summer chic Ruffian x MAC Makeup Collection. The collection includes sophisticated and french inspired shades of lipsticks in red, gold and neutral with matching press-on-nails in the hottest nail art shapes and french manicure designs. Read on to see more from the collection...

Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais spoke with InStyle magazine about the collection they said;

"Every season Claude and I start with the manicure idea and it really forms the collection. Ruffian is always about a story, about a movie, about a film. It’s cinematic. There is something so Ruffian about the ephemeral, that it will last just for a moment. We think the French have this allure and it’s all about lingerie and red lipstick and red nails. Matching your lipstick to your nails is classic but still post-modern."

Demilune Nails and Ruffian Gold Lipstick

Demoiselle Nails and Ruffian Red Lipstick

Spectator Nails and Ruffian Neutral Lipstick

Photos via InStyle magazine.

What do you think of the Ruffian x MAC Makeup Collection and which beauty items would you love to own? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Rochelle Q6/11/2012

    Im feeling the pointy red nails.


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