Spring Decorating: Adding Color To All White Rooms.

Spring Decorating: Adding Color To All White Rooms.

All white rooms can be very elegant and calming to some but to others the monotone color scheme seems dull. If you're partial to bright color walls or furniture as part of your home decor then we recommend you try an all-white room. It will always looks more fabulous, plus creates a spa like/tranquil setting that an all-beige room lacks. 

When decorating a white room, use all natural woods and decor in other off-white shades to ground the room and balance out the stack white walls. To create contrast or add color without detracting from the all-white color theme, use beautiful vases as tabletop decor and add fresh flowers to complete look.

Read on to see more white room decor ideas and beautiful tabletop decor vases that you can use to infuse color into the room's design. All featured tabletop decor retail for under $80 and can be found online at Layla Grayce.

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White Living Rooms:

White Bedrooms:

Table Top Vases/Decor to use in white rooms:

-Earth tones in green and brown:

-Spa/Beach themes in blue/turquoise:

2. Flower Vases: fill with fresh white flowers or add a colorful bouquet.

Rosanna Etched Vase Pink

-Classic White Mini Vases: bunch together in groups of 3 or more and fill with multi-color/ different types of flowers.

Are you a fan of all-white room decor and which table top/flower vases would you love to own? 
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