Having Trouble Straightening Your Hair? Stop Blaming Your Hair And Change The Flat Iron.

Having Trouble Straightening Your Hair? Stop Blaming Your Hair And Change The Flat Iron.

As women we spend a lot of time styling our hair whether we're headed to work or preparing for a fun day/night out. Most of that time is spent blow drying or flat ironing our hair hoping to get it into a silky straight and manageable texture.

Unfortunately by the time we leave home a bit of humidity or light rain sends our hair back to the frizzy and puffy look of the stone-age. With that much time spent using flat irons, we should be experts at knowing which ones work and which ones leave our hair damaged and burnt from excessive heat...

Sadly many of us settle for flat irons we can easily find in the hair care section of our local pharmacy and supermarket shelves. Their prices range from 'too cheap to be good' to unreasonably high, and we've tried almost every brand hoping to finally find one that works.

Choosing the right flat styling iron is the key to getting straight hair that's healthy and moisturized, not dry and brittle. Read on to see our tips for choosing the best flat iron and see if your current flat iron meets the requirements...

When choosing your flat iron there are specific things you should look for and they include: 
  1. Is it 100% ceramic? That means it will never peel or degrade?
  2. Is it Tourmaline infused to provide your hair with maximum thermal protection?
  3. Are their adjustable temperatures for all hair types (140-450 degrees) rather than 2 or 3 settings?
  4. How long does it take to heat up and does it compensate for heat loss? A good flat iron should heat within seconds.
  5. If you're in a rush, is it safe to use on both damp and dry hair?
  6. Will it keep your hair strands, separate, snag free and leave them with a shiny lustre?
  7. Is it a one trick pony or does it have beveled edges which you can use to flip or curl your hair after straightening?
  8. Safety: Is there a no-slip grip on the handles so you won't accidentally burn your ears, face, or drop the hot flat iron on your feet?
  9. Does it come with a 1-2 year warranty?
  10. Does it straighten your hair on the first use or do you have to repeatedly go over the same areas?
If the flat iron you're currently using does not meet all of the above: then we recommend you stop using it before it causes any additional damage to your hair. Instead you should invest in a flat iron that not only meets those requirements but exceeds them.

If you're not sure where to start looking for your hair's new best friend, try the HANA Elite Flat Iron which was featured in Marie Claire and RedBook magazines and received Missiko's Customer's Choice vote for 'Best Flat Iron'.

The 1 inch flat iron (don't let the size deter you) is touted as the most advanced flat iron in the world not as a sales pitch but because of it's top performance in straightening even the frizziest or curliest locks while giving you unparalleled hair protection.

The HANA Elite Flat Iron also comes with a free 2 year warranty and free heat proof pouch which makes it easy to take along with you and store in your handbag.

Source and Photos via Missiko

How does your current flat iron match up to the requirements above? Leave a comment below.
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