Remarkable Photos of Earth Like You've Never Seen Before.

Remarkable Photos of Earth Like You've Never Seen Before.

Imagine if you had the opportunity to go into space, dock on the International Space Station and use your personal camera to take photos of the remarkable views as you travel around the earth.

That's exactly what Dutch astronaut and Physician Andre Kuipers did, and you will be left speechless by the awe inspiring photos he captured using not a satellite but his Nikon camera.

Read on to take the virtual journey into space and see more photos from the astronaut turned photographer Andre Kuipers which includes his own captions...

Denmark with Copenhagen, Norway with Oslo, Sweden with Stockholm in the distance, northern Germany and beyond. And the Aurora Borealis of course.

From space I wish you all a very exciting and colorful year!

Over the Southern Lights between Antarctic and Australia.


Over the Tibetan plateau with the Himilayas, Butan and Napal in the background.

How we see the moon. Sharp and slowly moving towards or away from the horizon.

The moon looks the same from the ISS as it does on Earth. Only we see it rise and set again and again

Veins' in the Somalian desert

Sahara sand pattern

Africa meets Europe - Strait of Gibraltar.

The Alps look very tempting, but I don't have my skis with me...

Sea ice spirals near Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.

Paris at night.

Meteor crater in Canada.

Snowy Canada. River or a millipede?

(Airplanes 242 miles below.) On their way to America.

Lake Powell and Colorado River. Awesome place. Green warm water, white/red rocks, blue sky. And nobody around. 

A year ago I saw it from a plane and tweeted that I wanted to see these colours from space. Here it is. Salt Lake City. 

Beautiful reflection of the Sun in a Brazilian river.

The Pacific is a great source of colorful images. One of the Gilbert Islands.

For an experiment I had to be quiet for 10 min, so I looked out the window. And saw an active Etna!
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