Meet The New Hermes Birkin Handbag Worth A Whopping $1.9 Million!

Meet The New Hermes Birkin Handbag Worth A Whopping $1.9 Million!

We introduce you to one of the world's most expensive handbags courtesy of french luxury brand Hermes, best known for their famous Berkin bags which retail for $10,000 plus. The new Hermes Birkin creation however is worth a whopping $1.9 million USD!

It's crafted from gold and studded with precious gems, with diamonds around the wrist-strap making it both a jewelry piece and handbag. Only four designs of the exorbitantly priced handbags were created, whoever purchases one will certainly need a lot of security detail for protection.

Read on to see more photos of the new Hermes Berkin handbag...

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