Clipix: A New and Better Way to Save, Organize and Share Your Fab Finds Online!

Clipix: A New and Better Way to Save, Organize and Share Your Fab Finds Online!

Don't you wish there was a better way to save and then easily find and share the cool photos and stories you discover while browsing? We do and we will let you in on our latest fab find it's called clipix and like it's name it's the perfect place to clip, save, organize and share the pix (photos) and articles you find while browsing any website. Read on for more...

LushFabGlam on Clipix

Clipix has quickly become one of our favorite sites, we use it for everything from sharing our own photos from our articles, to creating clipboards of 'places to visit', or a 'style guide' with photos of clothing, shoes and accessories we like.

You can use Clipix for so much more, like saving photos of the electronics, gadgets or gifts you would like to purchase. If you are a D.I.Y enthusiast you can upload photos of your own makeup, nail art, or home decor/crafts. And with Clipix you won't have to rely on using site bookmarks or go through the tedious and time consuming process of sorting through them. 

Visit us on Clipix: to see the fab photos on our clipboard. You can also easily create your own Clipix account using your existing Facebook, twitter or email account. And immediately start saving and if you choose to, sharing your favorite photos, articles, recipes and more with your friends or the Clipix community. Join in on the fun and see what other users are posting!

See How Clipix Works:

Will you be trying Clipix and what will you use it for? Leave a comment below.
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