Style Me Pretty Nail Designs: Shimmer and Shine!

Style Me Pretty Nail Designs: Shimmer and Shine!

See some of our favorite shimmer and shine nail-art designs from across the web, and get tips to create your own designs like using sparkle nail polish to add a modern twist to the classic french manicure. And see our new faves the black-on-black french manicure and metallic nail polish.

Read on for more photos and nail design ideas, plus see how to D.I.Y the look...

 Give your classic french manicure a beautiful twist by adding sparkles to your nail tip. Have fun with your nail color choices.

Black french Manicure: matte black nail polish tipped with shiny black. To get the look try L.A. Girl Matte Finish Nail Polish NL537 Matte Black $5.98. OR Essie Matte About You, 0.5-Ounce $6.10 which 'transforms any nail color from high-gloss to matte in seconds.'

Galaxy nails gives the illusion of stars in space, you can D.I.Y this nail design by applying 2-3 coats of silver sparkle nail polish over navy blue.

Give your nails a sleek metallic/stainless steel/mirror effect. To get the look try Cala Smashing Hip Metallic Nails - Silver 88201 $5.99 also available in gold. Or Kami silver nail wrap from their Metallic Nail Art Foil Kit.

Another version of the french manicure with gold sparkles.
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See more beautiful nail art like the Festive, Polka Dots and Elegant Nail Designs and Bows and More Bows.

Which nail design do you prefer and will you be trying these nail art ideas? Leave a comment below.
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  1. So pretty I like all.

  2. vanessa1/12/2012

    The black polish is gorge, I want it.

  3. Andrina1/12/2012

    must try the galaxy and metalic

  4. honestly, its just amazing esp, the metallic and gold sparkle, adorable

  5. Anonymous3/14/2012

    I shared the link and my friends are all gaga over the black on black design, what brand of polish is it?'

  6. Where can I get the silver nail polish?!?!?!? The people at Sephora don't know what I am talking about (This Metallic nail polish available at Sephora adds a stainless steel/mirror effect to your nails)!

  7. Anonymous4/15/2012

    I went to Sephora and I had the same answer :( What is the brand of this Metallic nail Polish???

  8. The link for the "metallic nail polish" is for fake nails. Where's the nail polish?


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