Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade Talk Romance with Essence Magazine!

Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade Talk Romance and Marriage with Essence Magazine!

Miami Heat Star Dwayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union talk romance and Marriage in the February 2012 issue of Essence magazine. The couple have both been divorced once and goes in depth about the importance of not rushing into marriage a second time to ensure that it "lasts forever". 

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The Essence magazine feature describes the couple and their relationship by saying "Spend any amount of time with actress Gabrielle Union and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and it quickly becomes clear that their relationship is nothing like the complicated ties you see on reality TV. 

...The super-hot couple are both on the top of their game both professionally and physically -- with Union remaining in high demand over the course of her 16-year career and Wade widely regarded as one of the best players in the NBA. But their love has come at a steep price. When the couple’s courtship started, the blogs lit up with rumors and accusations. But love rises above the chatter. That’s how you know it’s real."

Dwayne Wade Shared Three Things He Loves About Gabrielle Union:

"Obviously her smile. It lights up my day … she has a great aura that makes it easy to love her -- and she's hot."

Gabrielle Union On Marriage:

"A lot of times celebrity couples get together because it's an easy way to generate press. One person in the spotlight dates another in the spotlight to increase their light. But Dwyane doesn't need any more light and I don't either. We're pretty well lit individually."

Dwayne Wade On Marriage:
He told Essence magazine, "We’re not rushing it. Both of us have been married before, and we understand that if we choose to marry again, we want it to be right. We both took failing at marriage hard. The next time it’s gotta be forever…"

Great advice if you ask us a few celebrities would have avoided their recent media pitfalls and fan backlash if they had courted longer before walking down the aisle. For more on their interview see the February issue of Essence magazine, available on newsstands January 12.

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