For The Love Of Shoes: Accessorize Your Stilettos and Pumps with Heel Condoms! 

For The Love Of Shoes: Accessorize Your Stilettos and Pumps with Heel Condoms! 

Yes you read it right, for this issue of 'For The Love Of Shoes' we are introducing you to the hottest 'pimp-your-shoe' aceessories this season called heel condoms. The brilliant designers at came up with this stylish but easy way to add glam factor to your average stiletto heels or pumps.

Now you can avoid buying a new pair of heels for every event by simply embellishing the design of your current heels, it's easy on the eyes and great for your wallet. Read on to see some of our favorite heel condoms and panty-style shoe accessories. The names alone get your attention but we promise they look classier than they sound...

Heel Condoms:

'Panty Style':

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What do you think of the heel condom shoes accessories and which designs would you love to own? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Anonymous1/10/2012

    This looks really cute

  2. Teresa1/10/2012

    OMG the name is too much but they are cute.

  3. I was half expecting to see an empty condom on the shoe lol # I can't be the only one.

  4. Antoine1/10/2012

    lmbo the names are kinky but I like the blue feather and polka dot whats the price?

  5. That's genius!


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