World Aids Day: The Beginning of the End of Aids Starts With You. Help Create the First Aids Free Generation!

World Aids Day: The Beginning of the End of Aids Starts With You. Help Create the First Aids Free Generation!

HIV Aids claims the lives of millions worldwide every year and over 370,000 children are born with HIV a literal death sentence, but it does not have to be this way. Advocacy and Not-for-profit organizations ONE and RED have joined together to officially request that everyone around the world lend their voice and actions to help declare today December 1st 'the beginning of the end of the aids epidemic.' 

This bold but very attainable goal will seek to bring about the very first aids free generation in more than 30 years. Read on to learn how you can help by simply adding your signature to the 2015 Quilt and sharing this information so others can do the same...

"This World AIDS Day, December 1, ONE and (RED) will join together to launch the (2015)QUILT ( - a digital AIDS quilt designed to bring people from all over the world together to fight for a historic achievement - the delivery of the first AIDS free generation in the more than 30 years since the virus was first diagnosed.

...Created in partnership with, the (2015)QUILT lets people express their support for the fight against AIDS. Anyone can create a quilt panel by using the simple online tool and then share it with their friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Before uploading their panel, users will be asked to make a specific commitment that will help bring about the beginning of the end of the epidemic. Options include:
  1. Join ONE (, invite your friends to join ONE and together press policymakers to act.
  2. Buy one (RED) gift  (
  3. Make your own commitment to help deliver an AIDS free generation by 2015."
The 2015 Quilt with photos of the people, celebrities and organizations who have taken the pledge.

We encourage our readers to join us and add your names to the  2015 Quilt. Remember that change begins with you, be responsible and practice safe sex at all times.

What do you think of 'the beginning of the end of aids' initiative, and what will you do to contribute to the eradication of HIV AIDS? Leave a comment below. 
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  1. Vera15:18

    Great story time to end aids people.

  2. Sadie15:18

    Change begins with me I like that!

  3. Brad15:19

    You know what they say strap it up or you get f***ed up.

  4. Nina15:21

    All this technology and we still haven't found a cure for aids smh.

  5. James15:21

    I hear ya!

  6. Felicia15:23

    Lets give aids the boot, it's about that time.

  7. Clara15:25

    Amen to that educating ourselves is the key.

  8. Fantastic idea.

  9. Aids research and treatment has come a long way people should not be dying in the millions still, lets wake up and do something.

  10. Anonymous15:31

    We need a cure asap.

  11. Mona15:32

    We can have an aids free generation if the treatment was cheaper but the greedy pharmaceutical corporations don't want that.


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