Unusual Decor: Turning Everyday Items Into Fabulous Home Decor!

Unusual Decor: Turning Everyday Items Into Fabulous Home Decor!

Recycling, re-purposing whichever name you choose they refer to the same thing in the design and  decor industry and is quickly becoming the new fad. As we become more environmentally aware of the need to not waste, we are taking the idea of recycling to another level.

Today's article will show you brilliant ways to re-purpose items that you would normally toss out like old bicycles, doors, ladders, glass jars etc and turn them into eye-catching, conversation pieces in your home. Read on to see more fabulously creative home decor ideas...

An old ladder left with its aged-rustic charm is now used as a sofa side-table.

An old bicycle has been re-purposed to become the base of a bathroom sink, it's the perfect conversation piece for your guest bathroom.

Two old doors have been re-purposed to create a floor to ceiling statement headboard.

A vintage tea set is now used to store and hold makeup brushes and cotton pads creating an elegant addition to a bathroom or bedroom vanity.

Wooden rowing oars nailed together to create a one-of-a-kind headboard.

Mason Jars used for something much cooler than storing vegetables or jam, they were turned into a pair of light sconces.

An old wood door re-purposed as a desk with a slab of clear glass placed on top to create a flat surface.

Photos via Pinterest and Elle Decor.

What do you think of re-purposing and which of these home decor ideas would you try? Leave a comment below. 
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  1. The old things are beautifully re-purposed and beautifully decorated....I really liked it....

  2. luv the headboards and wine holder.

  3. What fun ideas.

  4. The glass jar lights and wine holder are the best think I will try them.

  5. wow a bicycle vanity very creative.

  6. Not bad you have some nice ideas here.


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