Spotlight on Photographer Rodney Rascona!

Photos that Capture the Soul: Spotlight on Photographer Rodney Rascona!

Award winning photographer Rodney Rascona captures the spirit of his subjects many of whom have just survived or are trying to survive during the aftermath of natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti or the tsunami in Indonesia. His photographs allows them to share their story with the world, not with words but with their eyes, their smiles and the hope that radiates from their faces. 

While many photographers focus only on commercial work, Rodney has built a solid reputation working with NGO's to bring awareness to the plights and daily hardships of the people in third world countries. Using the proceeds from the sale of his photos to assist them.

Read on to see more beautiful and captivating photos from Rodney Rascona... 

Photo from the Tsunami aftermath.

Photo from Haiti after the earthquake.

Jean and Julie in Haiti

Landscape Photos:

Photos by Rodney Rascona via

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  1. wonderful photos

  2. Quite touching.

  3. Sebastien12/13/2011

    wow great photographer

  4. The little girl with her hands clasped like she's praying did it for me.

  5. Felicia12/13/2011

    one word marvelous

  6. He has an eye for this, great work.


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