Mary J. Blige 'Mr Wrong' Music Video Premiere!

Mary J. Blige 'Mr Wrong' Music Video Premiere!

Take a look at the latest music video from VH1-Diva Mary J.Blige for her song 'Mr Wrong' which is all about women falling in love with the bad guy (Mr Wrong) and thinking that the good guy (Mr Right) is too boring. The song is off her tenth solo album 'MY LIFE II...The Journey Continues (Act 1)'.

Mary will also be starring in the upcoming Broadway show turned film 'Rock of Ages' alongside Tom Cruise, Diego Bonnet and Julianne Hough. Read on to watch her 'Mr Wrong' music video... 


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  1. Mandy21:19

    Damn mary looks real good.

  2. Bianka21:20

    ladies we all guilty of falling for the bad boys

  3. vanessa21:21

    Thats why I love her songs she always give you the truth... church of Mary J.

  4. Brenda21:21

    Mary looks great.

  5. Craig23:31

    Queen Mary


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