Creating Relationships that Transcend Distance, Time and More!

Creating Relationships that Transcend Distance, Time and More! 

The Inspirational Story of Christian the Lion: Humans are widely accepted as the more intelligent and dominant species on this planet but sometimes we can learn more than we thought possible from our animal counterparts, lessons in life, love, friendship and being grateful. 

We would like to share the story of 'Christian The Lion, his YouTube video has been viewed by over 50 million people and his story has touched the lives of many, maybe you can learn from it too. Read on to watch the intriguing video...

This Video is narrated by Oprah Winfrey. You can learn more about Christian's Story here or watch more videos on our YouTube channel: LushFabGlamTV.

What do you think of Christian the Lion's story and how has it touched your life? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Sadie04:16

    omg this made me cry.

  2. Orisa04:17

    Just watched this at the office not a dry eye in the room.

  3. Nina04:18

    Am I the only one looking for more info on Christian fascinated!

  4. Rosa04:18

    lol though he was running to devour them in the beginning did not see the hugs coming.

  5. Wendy04:19

    A lion is just a giant cat.

  6. Is this real and not staged in anyway because wow this is something special.

  7. Anna04:20

    I miss Oprah!

  8. Frank04:21

    Oprah's voice made the video even better, a Morgan Freeman voice over would hit it out the park.

  9. zena04:22

    Circle of life..

  10. Wendy18:38

    Dagg this vid made me cry like a baby.


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